About the
European Hyperloop Center.

The European Hyperloop Center is a not-for-profit open innovation center, located in Groningen – the Netherlands, to accelerate the hyperloop development. Founded in 2020, the EHC is a public-private initiative by the Province of Groningen, the City of Groningen and Hardt Hyperloop.

EHC is part of the Hyperloop Development Program, a public-private partnership between the Dutch Ministries of Economics & Climate and Infrastructure & Water Management, the Province of Groningen and a group of industry parties and knowledge and research institutions, dedicated to develop hyperloop transportation.

Our objectives.

  • Facilitate demonstration of the core functionality and safe operation of the hyperloop system

  • Enable the development of hyperloop-specific regulation and standards, and further their application to verify core functionality and safe operation

  • Establish the development of a collaborative hyperloop ecosystem, in which tech companies, industry partners, and science researchers can work together on R&D