European Hyperloop Center receives official approval to 3 mEUR subsidy from REP-SNN.

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European Hyperloop Center

The European Hyperloop Center (EHC), to be located in Groningen – the Netherlands, has officially been approved 3 million EURO subsidy from REP-SNN as part of the realization of its ambition to become the EU Hyperloop test facility.  Founded in 2020, the EHC is a public-private initiative by the Province of Groningen, the City of Groningen and Hardt Hyperloop. EHC is part of a larger Hyperloop Development Program, a public-private partnership between the Dutch Ministries of Economics & Climate and Infrastructure & Water Management, the Province of Groningen and a group of industry parties and knowledge and research institutions, dedicated to developing hyperloop as a safe, sustainable, and commercially viable mode of high-speed transportation and to bring the hyperloop to commercialization.

Since 2017, The Netherlands has established itself as a natural leader in this field. An ecosystem of more than 20 relevant companies has already been established and has developed and validated crucial hyperloop technologies such as the hyperloop lane-switch, crucial for network implementation. In recognition of this, besides Groningen, the Minister of Infrastructure & Water Management and the State Secretary of Economics & Climate have announced that both ministries will award grants to support the jointly developed program. With a budget of €30 million, the industry partners will provide €22.5 million, which would make up the bulk of the program’s budget.