The Test Center.

The Test Center.

In 2023 the EHC will open its 2.7 km test track with a cargo-scale tube suitable for speeds up to 700 km/h for testing of hyperloop technologies and its (sub)systems. The test track will be open to any company and knowledge organization who wants to develop, demonstrate and validate their (sub)system for the hyperloop.

The test center will facilitate the testing and demonstration of the hyperloop’s safety features, performance, reliability by continuous testing, as well as the manufacturing and construction process.

What can be tested

  • Key technologies such as levitation, propulsion, stabilization, cornering, lane switching, and emergency braking

  • Enabling technologies such as operation and control of multiple vehicles in the hyperloop

  • Commercial readiness of the cargoloop such as demonstrating the transportation of full size and weight cargo pallets, loading and unloading

The Test Center

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